Pinterest is addictive. The reason is, the content being shared is very creative, attractive and irresistible for one to pass by. You can also pin the content so you can refer to them in the days to come. Due to this, most business people have turned to market their products on Pinterest. So how can you use Pinterest to market your products?

What is Pinterest marketing?

Pinterest marketing is a bigger way of attracting new customers to your business products via Pinterest. It brings about brand and product awareness to the Pinterest market.

1. Create a Pinterest marketing strategy

Do not go in blindly without having an idea of what Pinterest entails. You need to set a clear strategy to begin working on your goals. Being strategic means:

  • Learning about the audience that is most likely to use this platform.
  • Learning about who your Pinterest target audience is specific for your business.
  • Learning what your business competitors are doing on this platform.

2. Create pins in the most popular categories

Research to know the most popular Pinterest categories to know the board that will work for your business. Most Pinterest users are females who account for more than 70% of users. Pinterest posts are usually categorized.

3. Pin engaging, captivating content

Using Pinterest for your business means that you need to produce engaging and high-quality visual content to share. Pinterest is a visual platform, so you have to consider the quality of your image and video. They should be of the highest quality so that the users can have the images of your products and business glued to their mind. Do not forget to use unique images and videos. Include a headline line that reinforces your message. Also, make sure that your link is functioning. This will give your potential customers the best user experience. Do not forget to be consistent. Regular pinning is more effective as it ensures that your content reaches a wider audience.

4. Create boards with keywords in your title.

Using keywords in your board titles will enable more people to find your products on Pinterest. Please select a category that will involve each board to be easier for your potential customers to find and for your board to be recommended by Pinterest.

5. Use optimal pin size

All pins are equal in length and width. A good size for a typical pin is 736×1102 which is not too big or small. Sizing your images becomes easier when you use Pinterest templates of this size.

6. Connect with your other social media platforms

You do not have to start all over again with followers. It is easy to connect your Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to your Pinterest business account. This will help you get more followers than you already have, but you will also spread your business content across the platforms.

To connect to your other social media accounts. Go to “settings” located at the dropdown menu; click on the “claim” section, then finally hit the “claim” button, after which you will connect to your accounts.

7. Engage with followers and reply to comments

Just like you do with your other social media accounts by replying to questions asked concerning your products and responding to comments. You can decide to take your customer service a level higher by addressing the customers directly, using their names and responding to their comments. Answering will make your customers feel appreciated, and they will become loyal to your business.

8. Join community boards

Another great Pinterest marketing strategy is creating and joining community or group boards. Interest gives the users a chance to invite others on the board to contribute, and this is perfect as it allows your content to reach new audiences who later become customers.

Search for the outstanding users and see if group boards are relevant in the industry you are in. Email the owner and have them follow you by giving their account a follow. After you have successfully joined, you should remain active by pinning your content and other content to not seem like you are promoting only your products.

9. Analyze your results

It is not always good to assume that all the effort you are putting into marketing your products on Pinterest of working out. You need to keep track of your referral traffic, leads generated and the number of engagements. The best way is by using Pinterest Analytics which gives you all the information you require.

Pinterest is a great way of exposing new customers to your products or brand. The reason is that Pinterest approach the site looking for inspiration. They want to discover new things, try them, and get inspired as they make their purchases. Pinterest also makes you discover where exactly your customers can get your products.

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