In this 21st century which is more of a digital era, technology has taken over social media marketing. Despite this, email marketing should not be understated, and it should still be considered relevant.

Email marketing is a type of digital advertising that takes place in two main items; a list that customers sign for and the business’s content. Despite looking so simple, email marketing stands out on its own in the following ways;

Quick and easy contact with the customer

This is the best part when it comes to email marketing. It gives you easy and quick contact with your customers. One of the scenarios where email marketing can be of great help is when you promote last-minute sales, and you have no chance of running and creating a television advertisement or even a web campaign. Other than this, Emails keep your customers informed by notifying them concerning new products that the business has, special events for your business or stores opening or closing.

Email marketing directly reaches the target audience

Some businesses may not be interested in email marketing since it lacks immediate large-scale reach. They forget the fact that emails have your core audience. Customers are likely to engage repeatedly since they have already signed up for an email list, meaning that they are already involved in your business.

Email marketing provides opportunities to communicate in-depth information

When advertising your products through other platforms, such as television, radio, print or even the internet, you are typically limited on the depth of the information. Emails have an advantage since they have ample space that you can use to communicate your business products.


They reach customers in real-time.

More than half a percentage of emails are opened on mobile devices. A majority of customers use their phones daily. This means that they can access information concerning your products as they open their inboxes daily or even more than once a day. Also, you can send your customers a special offer on their birthdays; this will make them know that you have them in mind, and they will likely purchase your products. Email marketing can also work very well on seasonal offers by allowing you to promote a holiday or annual sale. Show urgency in any offer as customers will be prompted to make purchases when they see that the deal is ending soon.

It is affordable

Email marketing is very affordable when you compare it with other marketing channels. You can communicate to a large number of customers for less per message. A good example is SendGrid email marketing services that charge 0.0006 cents per message. So yes, when you use email as a platform to market your products, you will be able to save on your finances.

Increase brand awareness

Once you have a customer’s email address, it means that they are interested in your products or services. Email marketing allows you to increase brand awareness and interest level. Raising brand awareness does not mean that you keep sending five emails daily to your customers; it will put them off. You can try some email marketing techniques that show your level of activeness in the community.

Almost everyone uses email.

The pros of using email marketing are that almost everyone has an email account. Customers can find themselves forwarding or sharing emails about your products, especially when offering discounts, new products or specials. They will want to share will their friends and family. New doors for your business will be opened through sharing emails.

Email is perfect for personalized, texted messages

Customers are different, and they have other ways to see your product. You can use email marketing by sending personalized emails to individual customers. For example, if your customer likes sports, you can inform them of the latest sports gear you have. The personalized texts will make your customers perceive your brand differently.

Emails are versatile by nature.

Email marketing allows you to use a broad scope of media in your advertisements. You can use images, gifs, videos or texts, and you can also decide to combine them in whatever way you like.

Email marketing is easy to adjust.

Human is to era, you can make mistakes such as a typo while running a tv advert or a print, and you receive adverse reactions and responses from the public, and it becomes challenging to adjust your message. When it comes to an email, all you have to do is to resend the text or acknowledge the mistakes by writing a follow-up email.

If you are still debating using email marketing for your business or not, this guide should have given you more insights to make the right decision. These are the fascinating things that email marketing can do for your business.

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