Normally, the “About Us” section in a nonprofit making website is dedicated to the sponsors, collaborators and the vital funders. All information about them appears in the partners page which brings an opportunity to add more credibility to the website. The third-party endorsements add more trust by showcasing the impact of the collaborations.

This guide has the best hacks for curating the perfect partners page that will drive even more investors and supporters to your organization. Below are some of the feasible tricks:

Make the Page Search Engine Friendly

Ensure you make the page attractive to the eye and catchy. You should also make it search engine friendly. Make sure every category and partner page is fully optimized. The optimization could include unique description and title tags, rich keywords and sitemap inclusion. Partner pages could easily give you reciprocal links to your site from the partner’s website.

Talk to your partners to also set up a partners’ page on their site bearing your agency and link it back to you. Optimization ensures the page will be visible to massive traffic that might be interested in the services you offer. In no time your site will be ranking high in the SERPs thanks to the partners’ page optimization.

Add Partner Names and Logos

Some logos are not recognizable as some brands are still not yet known. On the partner’s page ensure you add the partners names. That will be much easier when your readers want to find them. They will just search for their name unlike a logo whereby you can’t perform a search for a logo. The page will also look neat and appealing to the visitors unlike a page full of logos alone.

Tell Your Connection

Consider adding short synopsis of how you connect with your partners on the partners page. The size of the story will depend on the number of partners available and the space available. Talk about how the partners help and support you in your mission. Some groups will even give the collaborators their unique and exclusive profile page.

You could consider grouping the partners according to their roles in the organization. Like the event sponsors could be on their own page where you will clearly outline your relationship with them to your readers.

Link their Information to Their Website

You want to link the partner’s name and logo to their website. This will categorically strengthen your relationship with the partners among other benefits such as positive link building efforts. Linking the partner’s information optimizes your search engine efforts in case the partner also reciprocates the same. The interlinking will bring you more traffic from the collaborator’s website.

Quote the Partner’s Leadership

Having a partner profile on your website is a great way to showcase the partner. You could probably ask the partner to provide a short quote that you can add on the website that is in tandem with your relationship with them.

Have a balance between a sweet design and nutritious content

In as much as you want the partner’s page to look appealing, you have to ask yourself whether it gives the intended information to the readers. Also ensure the page is easily accessible. Make it stand alone in the navigation bar such that one can easily get it.

Consider adding a personal touch to the website. Give your customers and readers a two-way communication channel where they can also communicate and give their feedback. You could also use this as a platform to generate new leads to the business. This way you have saved the partner’s and prospects time since communication is instant.

With this you are also showing that the website is responsive and the partners will receive leads from your website which cements the relationship.

Promote a Program

You want to promote your partner’s program in the partner’s page. Tell the world what your partner is all about and what they offer. Celebrate these organizations and acknowledge their efforts in helping your organization. Make sure you also add their contact information for anyone that may want to contact them just as mentioned above.

Organized information

The partner’s page should appear in an organized fashion. In as much as you have included the collaborators names and logos, you need to display them in an appealing format. You want to create a stunning table or grid that displays all the logos in a unique standard spacing and size bearing links to the partner websites.

Internal Linking

In case you have a partner, who is closely affiliated to a certain program or product you offer, ensure you link the partner’s page to the specific program and drive traffic to other parts of your website. If the reader came to your website via the partner’s page they are likely to become your supporter after visiting the program from the links you provided.

 The partner’s page in your website could be the deal-breaker that will bring in more supporters. Make sure it is full of resourceful information about your partners as you also link it to other pages on your website.

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