As years go by, things change. Nothing tends to remain the same as change is inevitable. In the business sector, things change when you least expect. For example, your customers may prefer a certain product contrary to what they had preferred some time back. One major reason that causes a shift in consumer preference is marketing.

Marketing is an essential factor if your business is to scale greater heights. Making your product (s) known to the potential customers and where they can get the products will tremendously expand your business if done perfectly. Below are some of the marketing apps that are critical for your business.


You can download it in the App Store and Google Play. It is becoming popular each day. Buffer has social media analytics that enables you to know how your product is doing in the market. Other than that, it has scheduling that has been customized. You can schedule messages or posts on social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This app is favorable for both small and colossal businesses.

Facebook Ads Manager

For any social media advertising, Ad campaigns are very important. To avoid spending a lot of time on the Ads, you can create, adjust and monitor Facebook campaigns anytime using your phone with the Facebook Ads manager. This app is available on Google Play and the Apple store.

Facebook Business Suite

It also goes by the name Pages Manager. It is a platform whereby as a business person, you have the opportunity to manage several Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Facebook Business Suite enables you to see what your target audience needs. You can receive comments and messages. If any client has a question or wants some clarification about your product, you will be able to respond to them immediately and from one place.

Download this app on Google Play or the Apple store.

BeLive .tv

What one sees, they easily remember compared to what they hear.BeLive .tv allows you to broadcast your product on Facebook and other social media platforms, giving your customers and viewers an experience they will not easily forget. It has interviews that happen on split-screen and also branded frame features. Not forgetting to mention that the broadcasting can take place anywhere. The more your potential customers see your product, the easier it is for them to make an order.

This app is available on Google Play and the Apple store.


This is one of the best marketing apps, especially when your business is starting or small.

Tailwind helps you create and market your product on a variety of social media platforms through automation. It has a variety of designs and editing options that you can use. You also have the chance to add images, brand colors for your products, logo, and many more features. Your posts will be optimized automatically for various networks. Other characteristics of Tailwind are hashtag finder, posts calendar, among others.


In this era, the TikTok app is where you will find most of your potential customers. The majority of people spend lots of hours watching videos on TikTok. You can make it an advantage on your side as a business person by posting your products. You can make videos demonstrating how your product is used, stating the price and where the customers can get it. You also get the chance to interact with your customers in the comment section.


It is a flexible app that enables you to purchase premium services later. Trello helps you track deadlines that you are supposed to meet, for example, making deliveries. It also enables you to share files and communicate with your team.


The list would be incomplete if YouTube is not mentioned. Currently, people are making millions via YouTube channels. This app has a massive audience worldwide. You can bring your product here in the form of a video. You start by making an app promo video. YouTube has been declared the second website in the list of the most visited. This app is a must for any business to thrive and reach prospects. Through it, you will be able to promote your product worldwide.

With trends changing now and then, customers nowadays use the internet to shop and buy what they need. Some customers depend almost entirely on the internet to buy items and even groceries. They order and pay online, and then they have the items delivered where they are.

As your business competes with other businesses, having the said marketing apps brings an advantage to your business as you will be able to attract more customers online. You will keep up with your customers’ demands as they change.

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