Well, although many tech companies have tremendously increased their invention in terms of learning and artificial intelligence, there is a lot of fuzz around that may get you confused. For that reason, this post is here to help. If you’ve been looking to understand the significant differences between Machine learning and artificial intelligence, you’re in the right place. Let’s get the party started, shall we?

For a fact, some tech companies are lying to the faces of their customers by enticing them to use machine learning and artificial intelligence without telling them everything there is to know. That said, before you start to use any of these two inventions taking the world by storm, here are the differences to keep in mind based on recent reports and experts’ advice.

According to a recent report from the famous The Verge reporting platform, about forty percent of European businesses, especially startups, claim to use AI services. Still, the truth says, these companies don’t have such technologies at their disposal.

Last year, another report from TechTalks also reported having found some companies claiming to have access to machine learning and advanced artificial intelligence they use to examine and gather thousands of data. Still, it turned out; they were cooked claims. According to the accused companies, they had announced to their customers using the two technologies to enhance user experiences in their products and services.

Because of these and more reasons, there are still much confusion within the public and the media about which company is genuine. For most people, they still wonder what machine learning or artificial intelligence is.  Often, these terms are used when speaking of other things. Because most people have no clear understanding of the terms and what’s happening in the technology industry, it is the reason many brands take advantage to claim the use of these when they clearly don’t use them.

Often the terms Artificial intelligence and machine learning are used to refer to unique technological advancement people are left to wonder what that really is. Sometimes, many ask what machine learning or artificial intelligence is. Therefore, these have led to many companies taking advantage and claiming to use these technologies within their services and products.

To ensure companies don’t take advantage of you, below is everything you should know about the differences between Machine learning and Artificial intelligence.

So, what is Machine Learning?

In simple put, machine learning refers to a brand of artificial intelligence, and from the words of computer scientists and other experts, machine learning is the study of computer programs and algorithms.

Machine learning is invented to ensure there is a seamless and automatic improvement of life through experience and more. According to experts, the study is one of the ways people can achieve artificial intelligence. Machine learning depends on working with small and big databases by the process of comparing and examining data to come up with common patterns that help do away with confusion while handling data. In other words, artificial intelligence is obtained from machine learning to combine data to find common patterns leading to easy solutions and experience.

For an example, suppose you have been given a machine learning model containing many books and songs you enjoy reading and listening to. The technology is designed to enable automation that depends on the machine mode used in its invention.

As such, the technology is made with models able to generate or suggest music or notes of the books you’re most interested in.  To understand this easily, think of these technologies like what other brands like Spotify and Netflix do business.

Another example is when you are using machine learning programs that come with large datasets, say, for example, X-ray pictures and other descriptions or symptoms. As such, the program is able to ensure you have a capacity to assist or automatize your data and the analysis of the next x-ray pictures.

Better yet, the machine is designed in a way that makes each picture to have a diverse dataset and also find common patterns with every label for easy identification. Moreover, assuming you have a machine learning algorithm for photographs and x-ray images, when you load the model with new pictures, you can compare the parameters it gathers to be able to know the typical patterns of pictures you analyzed previously.

On the other hand, Artificial intelligence is a wide range of technology scope said by the experts. For instance, Andrew Moore, the previous dean of the famous school of computer science – Carnegie Mellon University, defines AI as science and engineering of making computers that behave in ways that most people think require human abilities.

As you can see, most companies are looking to beat others by ensuring they entice customers by saying they use the most recent technologies. To be sure you don’t get lied to by these brands; it is excellent to know the meaning of terms such as Machine learning and artificial intelligence. As such, this post can be a good start to avoid false claims and help you stay updated, especially in the tech world.

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