Before starting a business, you need to research the market. Find out who the other service or product providers are. The reason is that you can enter a competitive market, and end up encountering losses instead of profits if you are not careful. You need to have a good reputation for customers to purchase your products. For your business to succeed in a highly competitive market, you must stand out in various sectors.

The following methods will help your business to enter a highly competitive market:


Research what your competitors are charging. Search online to get the information, or you can go asking around. What you decide to charge your product should be in line with your competitors’ price. It shouldn’t be too low below what the competitors are charging or too high; this means that the price should be affordable. Affordable pricing doesn’t mean that the price has to be low; you should set the price according to your audience.


Find out what your competitors are offering as services. Then use what they are not offering as a way to stand out and attract your customers. Such services include free delivery, longtime warranty, discounts, free shipping, among others.

These services attract customers to your business that finally end up being loyal because of the benefits that they are getting.

Provide value

Come up with products that are of high quality and offer services that are premier; something valuable to the customers. Providing high-quality goods and services will mostly mean that you specialize in the best area to come up with top-notch goods or services. You can also collaborate with a partner and share ideas that will help bring out a better product than what your competitors are offering.

Have a mission and purpose

Let your business be driven with a mission and purpose. The purpose can be something like providing the best services to your customers, thereby giving them the satisfaction they are looking for; this mission and purpose make your business do as required, and it ends up attracting more customers.


If you have no clue how to advertise your products or services, you can hire a creative and experienced marketer to create the adverts for you.

Mention all the things that you offer in your business. That includes the unique services that stand out from your competitors, such as low pricing. You can also purchase television advertising or even book a spot in the newspaper.

Community events

Make yourself positively known to the community. You can decide to sponsor a sports league and print T-shirts with your business and contact name, then give them to your team to wear while playing. You can also engage in events in your church or donate to a charity and make all these known in your advertisement.

Tell a unique story

Another way that captures the attention of customers in a competitive market is by sharing a unique story. Telling the story can not only be fascinating, but it can act as an inspiration to others. The story has to be in connection with your business. Something that the customers will fully relate to. You need to also not only tell the story but put actions to the story. It needs to be completely different, one that has never been told before.


Be careful when choosing your audience. Do the research and determine if they need the product, at what rate they are willing to buy, and other necessary factors. Adress the needs of your target audience. You find out about your audience will prepare you as you penetrate the highly competitive market.

Provide great customer service

Providing memorable customer service is one of the ways that you will gain loyalty from the customers. Hire employees who have an understanding of your product. Find people who are qualified for the job in all sectors. People who greet the customers first before attending to them smile at customers as they are serving them. You can create a suggestion box and encourage the customers to give feedback on how they were treated. You also let them comment online. You can then reward the employees if the comments turn out to be positive, boosting their confidence.

You can also try and interact with your customers one on one to create a personal relationship with them. They can share what they feel about your business, what they need, or what should be removed.

It is okay for businesses to have competition. It doesn’t mean that you cant start a certain business just because it already exists. It would be best to find a way to navigate the competition and attract customers who will buy from you. Using the methods mentioned above can come in handy when your business is trying to enter a competitive market.

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