Social media advertising is never an easy task, more if the brand has to advertise on multiple platforms. Typically, an average person will have up to eight different social sites where they hang out, which becomes problematic for brands to keep up consistently.

That is why many businesses have resorted to automation services to save on time and keep up with the busy social media platforms. Automation ensures customized content and effective audience engagement. Brands that aim at scaling up their revenue ought to look at automation with a keen eye.

Keep in mind that social media sites’ automation gives the brand a personalized touch for the clients, which makes it easier to have interactive connections and even enhance customer loyalty. Automation will let you focus on other essential things, such as creative concepts and marketing strategy. Automation saves time; you will better manage the resources you have and acquire insights into how the process is going in different social platforms.

Reasons to automate your social advertising strategy

Next-level Adverts

With automation, you are sure your advertising is on the next-level. It keeps up with real-world changes in real-time. A favorite case study is for creating the weather-based ad campaign. The campaign was for HEMA, a Dutch retailer. The Netherlands is known to have volatile weather, and the company wanted to develop something creative during the rainy and cold weather forecasts.

HEMA wanted to pivot an ad that revolves around a specific kind of weather and grab more audience. Instant Experience templates and Automated Ads came into play to create ads for HEMA that would go along with the predicted weather pattern. That meant if the weather forecasts predicted rains, the ads would show rain-season products. If the forecast were expecting a sunny weather condition, ads would display products suitable for sunny and warm weather.

This campaign entailed pricing and stock availability that went a long way into creating personal relationships with the customers. The automation results were phenomenal; achieved a higher ROI of 27% more than other ad campaigns that focused on weather predictions. The company also achieved a lower CPA of 25% than competitor companies.

Automation is quick and agile

An apparent reason why you need to automate your social media marketing is the speed. Managing the ads on social media could be boring. It is repetitive and tedious, especially when you have to do it in bulk and use several social platforms with different dimensions and formats.

Developing ads and managing the campaigns can be much faster if you automate the process. The business will still preside over how the ad appears, but pricing, importing, resizing, among other tasks, can simply be automated. Brands have to be agile, especially during exceptional periods, like when there is a pandemic. Businesses have to communicate with their customers about their location and even the opening hours. The other advantage of automating your ads is getting more free time to focus on other pressing issues. Invest time in creating engaging and appealing concepts for your customers.

Automation is efficient

Automation was created to free up time and let businesses handle essential things as the ads keep being displayed. With automation, you are free to set up new business strategies and even conduct tests on what works and what does not. A perfect example is when Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn asked to create an ad campaign weekly. Using, the supermarket chain was able to bring down the time spent managing the campaign to just five minutes from the initial three hours.

From the campaign, there was an increase of 38 percent in the target audience reach out. Traffic to the website also increased by 26 percent. The automation process of the social platforms’ advertising brought about a dynamic experience for the customers.

Insights on business progress

To get better results at whatever strategy you are implementing, you have to understand the insights. You have to see where the strategy is, how much it has achieved if it is still on course, and so much more. Having one platform that shows all the channels and how they are doing gives you all the required insights.

All the social media advertising channels ought to show their results, including ROI on this one platform to indicate the campaign level. With insights, one can understand the transparency and clarity of the strategy. Better insights will ultimately give your business ad conversions. was involved with the Brazilian real estate portal VivaReal to create a social media campaign for them.

The company majored on Facebook to ensure they cover every prospect, resulting in about four times more conversions. VivaReal also incurred a low cost per lead.

Social media advertising automation is not all about intelligent automation and technology. It is about saving time and stress to deal with other vital management issues to boost the business. It reduces the time spent creating the ads, sizing, pricing, and all that. Give your customers a personalized experience by automating the social media ads for your firm.

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